Create Memories at Butler’s Orchard: An Organic Farm, Perfect for both Kids & Adults

Butler's Orchard

With open skies above and the lush greenery of Montgomery County farm beneath, Butler’s Orchard emerges as a verdant playground where the simple joy of being with family blossoms. This family-friendly farm, steeped in a tradition of connection to the land, invites children and adults alike to savor the natural sweetness of life. It is here, within this serene haven of organic apple farm groves, where the laughter of kids and the cheer of families mingle with the rustling of leaves — all while creating lasting memories that are as vibrant and enduring as the fruit hanging from the boughs.

Family fun is the heart of the orchard experience, where everyone is encouraged to soak in the vibrant farm atmosphere, explore the fragrant rows of apple trees, and delight in the rustic charm of a hayride. More than just an escape from the daily grind, Butler’s Orchard offers an opportunity for meaningful moments that turn into stories — stories that reflect the orchard’s commitment to nurturing both the land and the community threads that weave through Montgomery County.

Butler's Orchard

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Key Takeaways

  • Butler’s Orchard is an ideal destination for families looking to connect with nature and indulge in organic produce.
  • The orchard provides a diverse range of activities that emphasize family involvement and outdoor fun.
  • Creating lasting memories is intrinsic to the Butler’s Orchard experience, with each visit promising new stories.
  • As a Montgomery County farm, the orchard presents an accessible and educational retreat for visitors of all ages.
  • Through hands-on experiences like apple picking, families become part of the orchard’s rich tapestry of community and growth.

The Enchanting History of Butler’s Orchard

Delving into the history of Butler’s Orchard reveals a tapestry of dedication that anchors this family-owned farm in Montgomery County. The journey, marked by humble beginnings and robust family involvement, underscores the fundamental connection between the land, its stewards, and the community they serve.

The Beginnings: George and Shirley Butler’s Vision

In 1950, George and Shirley Butler laid the foundation for what has become a beloved destination for those seeking to pick your own fruits and immerse themselves in farm life. The couple initially purchased 37 acres, complete with an 1850s-era log house, in Germantown, Maryland. Their vision was transformative, turning a simple parcel of land into a vibrant, pick-your-own fruits paradise.

Generations of Family Involvement

Over the decades, Butler’s Orchard has flourished under the careful guidance of successive generations. The dedication to traditional farming techniques and building strong customer relationships have become the hallmarks of this family-owned farm. These elements are reflected profoundly in the return of families, generation after generation, to relive and create new memories at the orchard.

As each year passes, the roots of the Butler family sink deeper into the soil of Montgomery County, weaving family involvement with agricultural expertise. The result is a living legacy, enriched by the community’s consistent loyalty and love for the orchard’s offerings.

Year Development
1950 George and Shirley Butler establish Butler’s Orchard
1970s Expansion of the farm to include additional fruit varieties
1990s Introduction of annual festivals and community events
2000s Modernization of facilities and introduction of sustainable practices
2020s Enhanced online presence and e-commerce for farm products

From its inception, Butler’s Orchard has been more than just a place to pick your own fruits; it is a sanctuary where the past and present converge, fostering a nurturing environment ripe for creating lasting memories rooted in the fertile earth of Montgomery County.

Picking the Best: Apple Varieties at Butler’s Orchard

At Butler’s Orchard, the dedication to producing exceptional seasonal produce is evident in the wide array of apple varieties available for visitors to pick your own fruits. Each variety is carefully cultivated to ensure a premium tasting experience, reflecting the orchard’s commitment to agricultural excellence.

The orchard’s diverse offerings not only cater to the tastes of apple enthusiasts but also serve as a cornerstone for educating the public about the benefits of locally-grown produce. Whether you’re a fan of the tangy Granny Smith or prefer the sweet undertones of the Honeycrisp, Butler’s Orchard provides a hands-on experience that enhances your understanding and appreciation of fresh produce.

Apple Variety Description Best Use
Honeycrisp Extra crisp and slightly sweet Eating fresh or making cider
Granny Smith Green, tangy, and firm Baking pies and fresh salads
Fuji Sweet and crunchy Snacking and salads
Gala Mildly sweet and juicy Eating fresh

By visiting Butler’s Orchard, you are not just picking apples; you are choosing a piece of the orchard’s legacy. As autumn rolls in and the trees burgeon with ripe fruits, locals and visitors alike flock to the orchard, eager to handpick the freshest, most succulent apples directly from the tree. It’s this very act of picking that solidifies Butler’s Orchard as a beloved destination for those who cherish quality and freshness in their seasonal produce.

Family-Friendly Farm Activities

At Butler’s Orchard, the commitment to providing a family-friendly farm experience shines throughout the year with a host of seasonal events that cater to all ages. From the vibrant blossoms of spring to the rich harvests of autumn, the orchard ensures every visit is memorable and engaging. Here, families are not just visitors, but active participants in the farm’s seasonal rhythms.

Seasonal Events: From Blossom to Harvest

The cycle of seasonal events at Butler’s Orchard offers a seamless blend of education and entertainment. These events are designed to enhance the connection between families and the natural world, encouraging a deeper appreciation of where our food comes from. Each event is an opportunity to learn about agricultural processes in a fun, interactive setting, making the orchard a prime destination for family outings.

Pumpkin Patch Adventures and Hayrides

Among the most beloved attractions at Butler’s Orchard are the pumpkin patch adventures and the scenic hayrides. Each fall, the pumpkin patch becomes a playground of exploration for children and adults alike, offering a picturesque setting for picking the perfect pumpkin. The hayrides offer a leisurely tour of the orchard, providing a relaxing way to enjoy the stunning farm landscape.

Activity Description Season
Pumpkin Patch Explore and select pumpkins in a sprawling patch. Fall
Hayrides Scenic rides around the farm, ideal for all ages. Spring through Fall
Spring Blossom Tour Experience the beauty of flowering trees and plants. Spring
Harvest Festival Celebrate the end of the harvest season with games and food. Early Fall

Expanding Horizons: Waters Orchard and Doc Waters Cidery

In an exciting chapter of growth, Butler’s Orchard continues to fortify its family-owned legacy through the strategic Butler’s Orchard expansion which includes the debut of Waters Orchard and Doc Waters Cidery. This expansion not only enhances the rich agricultural landscape of Montgomery County but also positions the Orchard as a pivotal leader in local cider production.

Waters Orchard, a serene expanse dedicated to cultivating distinct apple varieties, perfectly complements the bustling cider operations at Doc Waters Cidery. Here, under the guidance of Susan Butler and Washington White, innovation meets tradition, creating sumptuous ciders that are deeply rooted in family values.

Feature Waters Orchard Doc Waters Cidery
Location Montgomery County, MD Adjacent to Waters Orchard
Product Focus Specially Cultivated Apples Premium Locally-Produced Ciders
Community Role Agricultural Education Craft Cider Education and Tastings
Family Involvement Guided by Family Members Family-Owned Operations

Through the contiguous efforts of both Waters Orchard and Doc Waters Cidery, Butler’s Orchard not only advances in agricultural innovation but also maintains the family-centric ethos that has been its cornerstone for decades. This dual expansion ensures that while the orchard grows, the foundational family values continue to bloom, making it a cherished destination in Montgomery County.

Butler’s Orchard Today: A Community Cornerstone

At the heart of Montgomery County, Butler’s Orchard stands as a vibrant example of how a farm can grow into a community cornerstone. This beloved Montgomery County farm has woven itself into the fabric of the community through its commitment to sustainable farming and offering organic produce.

Meet the Butler Family Members

The Butler family continues to play a pivotal role at Butler’s Orchard, guiding it with steadfast dedication to the values of their predecessors. Their leadership not only sustains but enriches the farm’s legacy as a hub for community engagement and agricultural excellence.

Sustainable Farming and Organic Produce

Emphasizing sustainable farming practices, Butler’s Orchard invests in techniques and technologies that minimize environmental impact while maximizing soil health and crop yield. This dedication ensures that the farm can continue to provide fresh, organic produce to the community.

The commitment to organic farming practices is evident in every aspect of the orchard’s operations, ensuring that every fruit and vegetable is not only delicious but also grown responsibly.

Under the stewardship of the younger Butler generations including Wade Butler, the orchard is poised for future growth while maintaining its core values. Wade’s involvement highlights a dynamic blend of respect for traditional farming practices and openness to innovation that promises a vibrant future for Butler’s Orchard.

Organic Farming Practice Benefits
Crop Rotation Improves soil health and reduces dependency on chemical inputs
Use of Organic Pesticides Protects wildlife and promotes biodiversity
Community Engagement Initiatives Strengthens relationships with local residents and fosters educational opportunities

Through its ongoing innovations in sustainable farming and its dedication to community and organic produce, Butler’s Orchard continues to be not just a local farm, but a vital part of the larger Montgomery County narrative.

Plan Your Visit: Timings and Tours at Butler’s Orchard

Exploring Butler’s Orchard offers a unique blend of recreation and education, making it a top destination for a family-friendly farm experience. Ideal visiting timings ensure that every trip is convenient and rewarding, whether for a quick afternoon visit to the farm market or a detailed journey through the orchard’s grounds with one of the guided tours.

Navigating the Farm Market

A stroll through the Butler’s Orchard farm market reveals a tapestry of homegrown delights, showcasing the fruits of meticulous agriculture and local craftsmanship. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the rich variety of produce, baked goods, and artisanal products. The market serves as a cornerstone of the Butler’s Orchard visits, where families can gather essentials and discover new favorites in a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere.

Guided Tours: A Deeper Dive into Agriculture

For those looking to deepen their understanding of sustainable farming practices, Butler’s Orchard offers guided tours that are both educational and engaging. These tours provide a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of a successful farm, from cultivation techniques to the ecological considerations that guide daily operations. It’s an opportunity to connect directly with the source of your food, enriched by the knowledge of experienced guides.

Butler's Orchard Pumpkin & Apple picking and Guided Tour

By aligning your Butler’s Orchard visits with the comprehensive timings and tours available, you not only gain insight into modern farming but also contribute to a tradition of community-supported agriculture. Whether it’s your first visit or a seasonal pilgrimage, each experience at Butler’s Orchard strengthens the bond between land, farmer, and consumer.

Discover Montgomery County Farm’s Natural Beauty

Montgomery County farm, notably home to Butler’s Orchard, epitomizes a natural canvas that paints a picture of sheer beauty and serenity. This well-preserved orchard acts as a core attraction, drawing families and nature enthusiasts who are eager to explore its expansive grounds and lush scenery.

The vibrant ecosystem of Montgomery County farm is not just about aesthetic appeal but also offers a soothing escape from the urban rush. Each visit presents an opportunity to immerse in an environment where the simplicity of nature enhances the quality of time spent with family and friends.

  • A walk through the orchard reveals rows upon rows of fruit-bearing trees, accentuating the natural beauty that Montgomery County is renowned for.
  • The changing seasons bring forth different hues and fragrances, making every family outing unique and memorable.
  • As a sanctuary of tranquility, the farm provides a backdrop for relaxation and personal reflection, amidst the sounds of nature’s own orchestration.

Whether it’s a leisurely stroll under the canopy of blossoming trees or an interactive family outing that educates and engages, Montgomery County farm delivers an unparalleled experience that captures the essence of the great outdoors.

Plan your next family outing to this picturesque spot and witness firsthand why so many are drawn to the verdant charm and peaceful ambience of Montgomery County’s premier orchard.

Harvesting Memories: Pick Your Own Fruits Experience

Butler’s Orchard has become synonymous with authentic fruit-picking adventures that embody the essence of family tradition and agricultural enrichment. Every aspect of the orchard’s activity is designed to strengthen the bonds of families while providing them an immersive experience in nature’s bounty.

Strawberry Season: A Family Tradition

Marking the commencement of the fruit-picking period, strawberry season at Butler’s Orchard ushers in a time of vibrant activity and community gathering. Families flock to the fields, baskets in hand, eager to collect the ripest, juiciest strawberries. This season is not just about harvesting fruits; it’s a vibrant festival of joy and uniting families with the land and each other.

Apple Picking: A Quintessential Fall Activity

When the air turns crisp and the leaves start to flutter down, apple picking season arrives. This quintessential fall activity at Butler’s Orchard offers a plethora of apple varieties ripe for picking. This experience is as educational as it is enjoyable, providing individuals and families alike the joy of selecting the perfect apple directly from the tree, under the canopy of the orchard’s vast expanses.

The pick your own fruits tradition at Butler’s Orchard encourages not just picking of fruits but the harvesting of memories that linger long after the fruits have been enjoyed. Every visit promises fresh air, fresh produce, and the fresh pleasure of quality time spent in nature.

Butler's Orchard Berry picking


Fruit Type Season Activities
Strawberries Spring Guided picking tours, berry-themed games
Apples Fall Apple picking, cider making demonstrations

Whether it’s spring’s first strawberries or autumn’s crisp apples, Butler’s Orchard is dedicated to making each season special, fostering a connection to the origins of our food and the delight of harvesting it by hand. This commitment turns each visit into a storied journey through nature and nourishment—a true hallmark of Butler’s Orchard.

Butler’s Orchard’s Commitment to Education and Fun

At Butler’s Orchard, the fusion of educational farm activities and family fun creates an enriching environment for all visitors. This renowned farm is not just about agricultural production but is also a vibrant center for learning and entertainment. With a diverse range of hands-on agricultural experiences, the orchard ensures that every family outing is both enjoyable and informative.

The dedication to education is evident through various interactive programs designed to teach children and adults about sustainable farming practices and the origins of their food. These programs are carefully integrated with fun activities, making learning seamless and enjoyable. Whether it’s a guided tour of the orchards or a hands-on planting workshop, every activity is designed to provide real-life insights into the world of agriculture.

  • Interactive Farm Tours: Explore the fields and learn about crop cycles
  • Planting Workshops: Get hands-on experience with seeding and understand plant growth
  • Harvest Days: Participate in the joy of harvesting, coupled with fun-filled games and local food tasting

Butler’s Orchard remains committed to its mission of educating the community while ensuring everyone has a delightful visit. By engaging with both the mind and the spirit, the orchard cultivates a deeper appreciation for the agricultural life among its visitors.

From Farm to Table: Fresh Produce All Year Round

At Butler’s Orchard, the essence of farm to table is not just a trend but a steadfast commitment, ensuring the availability of fresh produce throughout each season. This dedication has cultivated a loyal following who frequent the farm market and the online store, distancing itself distinctly from ordinary grocery options.

The Farm Market: A Treasure Trove of Local Delights

The farm market at Butler’s Orchard offers a rich array of locally-sourced products, from succulent fruits and vegetables to high-quality local meats. This variety not only supports local agriculture but also provides consumers with healthier, fresher options all year round.

Order Online: Butler’s Delicacies Delivered to Your Doorstep

Butler’s Orchard’s online store complements the physical farm market by making their products more accessible to a broader audience. Customers can enjoy the convenience of having seasonal specialties and everyday favorites delivered directly to their homes, embodying the true spirit of farm to table convenience.

Product Category Available at Farm Market Available Online
Fresh Fruits Yes Yes
Vegetables Yes Yes
Local Meats Yes No
Seasonal Specialties Yes Yes


In the heart of Montgomery County, Butler’s Orchard has flourished as a touchstone for both the local community and visiting families, establishing itself as the preeminent family-friendly farm in the area. By placing an unwavering emphasis on superior agricultural practices and a customer-oriented approach, the orchard has earned a reputation for creating lasting memories. It serves as a canvas where children’s laughter mingles with the rustle of apple trees, and adults rediscover the simple joys of nature’s bounty. The Orchard’s commitment to the pick-your-own fruits experience allows visitors to embrace the agrarian lifestyle, bringing families closer through shared moments of discovery and delight.

From the seasonal bloom of the farm’s offerings to the vibrant harvest festivals, every facet of Butler’s Orchard is designed to enhance the connection between people and the land. The lush expanses of the farm, nurtured with care and respect for the environment, offer an authentic retreat where visitors can immerse themselves in the pastoral beauty. As a stalwart in Montgomery County, the orchard doesn’t just offer fresh produce but binds the community through shared traditions and an unwritten promise of quality time spent among loved ones.

As we look upon the accomplishments and future aspirations of Butler’s Orchard, it is evident that its roots run deep within the fabric of Montgomery County. The Orchard stands not only as a beacon of family-oriented adventure but also as a testament to the timeless allure of collaborative agricultural enterprise. Whether through the simple act of selecting apples straight from the branch or participating in the year-round festivities, Butler’s Orchard ensures that every visit holds the potential to sow seeds of cherished family narratives, sprouting into memories that last a lifetime.


What can families do at Butler’s Orchard?

Butler’s Orchard offers a multitude of family-friendly activities, including apple picking, hayrides, and seasonal events such as pumpkin patch adventures. It’s perfect for creating lasting memories and provides a hands-on experience with organic apple farming in Montgomery County.

How did Butler’s Orchard begin?

Butler’s Orchard was established in 1950 by George and Shirley Butler. Starting with 37 acres and an old log house, it has grown into a beloved farm that offers “pick your own” fruits and is now deeply rooted in the local community through generations of family involvement.

What apple varieties are available for picking at Butler’s Orchard?

Butler’s Orchard features a variety of seasonal produce including several types of apples. The specific varieties available can vary by season, so it’s recommended to check with the orchard for the current offerings before planning your visit.

What seasonal events are hosted at Butler’s Orchard?

The orchard hosts a range of seasonal events from spring blossoms to fall harvests. These include activities like a pumpkin patch in the fall, summer fruit picking, and special holiday-themed events designed to be entertaining and educational for the whole family.

What are Waters Orchard and Doc Waters Cidery?

Waters Orchard and Doc Waters Cidery are expansions of Butler’s Orchard that offer a larger variety of experiences, including cider tasting. They represent the growth of the Butler family’s agricultural endeavors in Montgomery County.

Who currently runs Butler’s Orchard?

The orchard is still run by the Butler family, with multiple generations involved in its operations. This includes sustainable farming practices and a dedication to offering organic produce to the community.

How can I plan a visit to Butler’s Orchard?

You can plan your visit by checking the Butler’s Orchard website for timings and scheduling a tour. Explore the farm market or book a guided tour to get an in-depth understanding of their agriculture.

What makes Montgomery County farm such a special place?

Montgomery County farm, where Butler’s Orchard is located, is celebrated for its natural beauty and provides a serene setting for families to connect with nature and participate in farm life.

What makes apple picking at Butler’s Orchard a unique experience?

Apple picking at Butler’s Orchard is a quintessential activity that allows families to directly engage with the land, select fresh apples, and partake in a beloved family tradition.

Does Butler’s Orchard offer educational experiences?

Absolutely, Butler’s Orchard combines educational farm activities with fun, allowing visitors of all ages to learn about sustainable farming practices and the importance of agriculture in a delightful setting.

What can customers find at the farm market?

The farm market at Butler’s Orchard is filled with a variety of local delights, including seasonal produce, locally sourced meats, and other products that highlight farm-to-table freshness.

Is it possible to order produce from Butler’s Orchard online?

Yes, Butler’s Orchard has an online store that allows customers to order their delicious farm products and have them delivered directly to their doorstep, ensuring access to their fresh, high-quality offerings year-round.

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